Dare to bare the natural look this summer?

We all know that heavy make-up in the summer looks out of place and is not great for our skin; this is due to heat opening up our pores allowing a mixture of sweat, sun cream and make-up as well as the smog from around the city sinking in and clogging up our pores. Blocked pores mean a higher likelihood of suffering from spots and blemishes.

Do you dare to bare make-up free skin on the beach or around the work place this summer? Do you wish you had perfect blemish free and flawless skin? Celebrities such as Katy Perry and Demi Lovato are renowned for having problem skin but have recently exposed make- up free faces to encourage ladies to take off their make- up during these warmer months.

The natural look is in, make-up free and flawless skin. If you need that extra boost of confidence then FaceB4 Daily Cleansing Foam, RRP £14.95, is the UK’s most effective antibacterial cleansing foam which provides radiant skin from first use. After a long day in the sun, removing excess oil and sweat from your face is vital for clean, healthy and glowing looking skin. FaceB4 is fragrance free and with its gentle formula, is suitable for all skin types. Containing a patented ultra biotical complex, including salicylic acid, FaceB4 simply and effectively removes impurities to help reduce potential skin breakouts, blemishes and redness which can help give you that flawless complexion you will be happy to bare this summer!

Soaking up the sun and exposing your skin to the heat can sometimes leave your face feeling oily and greasy, FaceB4 After Cleansing Serum, RRP £14.95, works as a primer, moisturiser and a blemish preventer. This soothing and rejuvenating after-cleansing serum contains vitamins A, B, B5 and E to help maintain spot free clear skin. Its gentle formulation is suitable for all skin types and helps to protect and moisturise the skin and prevent unwanted blemishes. Serum is great during summer as its lighter properties prevent skin from turning greasy, while still helping to keep moisture levels topped up. FaceB4 is great for keeping summer breakouts at bay too!