I should be so lucky!

'I should be so lucky' if I looked like Kylie, right? Wrong! Kylie never always looked as sophisticated as she does now, which shows the Face B4 team that her style isn't down to luck, it's down to care and attention.

If you want to have nice hair then you go to the hairdressers. It you want nice make -up then you ask people for tips and experiment to see what suits you. And if you want to get flawless skin, you need to take care of it.

With skin, the key to improving it is to keep it clean and free from bacteria. You don't need to spend a fortune because Face B4 contains more anti-bacterial properties than any other face wash you can get in the shops and its just £14.99.

So how long does it take? Independent tests showed that people reported their skin has dramatically improved after just 4 weeks. Kylie took years to go from Girl next Door on Neighbours to pop diva Kylie...but you can do it quicker. First step - use Face B4. Second step - get rid of the 1980s bouffant, it didn't even suit Kylie the first time round.