Inspired by Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is without a doubt one of the most successful women in Hollywood, but she hasn't always been the most glamorous. Take a look at how Ms Roberts started out and how she is today in our before and after photos. The Face B4 team think its inspiring...if Julia can better herself in this way then we all can, right?

Julia's transformed herself in many ways to get to where she is today. The hair, the use of make-up and maybe losing a bit of weight (as her face seems thinner these days) have all changed over the years to help Julia become a Hollywood beauty.

These cannot happen overnight, especially as make up takes a lot of trial and error to work out what best suits you. But Julia made a decision - she wanted to improve her looks - and did everything she could to help her get there.

Do you want to look better? We think this is a silly question as most of us want to look better! So let's do something about it. Face B4 can help your skin look better and when you have a flawless base you dont even need to wear as much make-up. And you could always use our sister product Colour B4 to help sort your hair out. Try them and let us know how you get on