The difference beautiful skin can make

Wow, Leona Lewis almost looks like a different person to the shy girl who won the X Factor. The Face B4 team are pretty impressed by how much she has glammed up. Clearly getting number one singles and albums around the world have boosted her confidence and made her take more pride in her appearance...and she looks all the better for it.

Leona, who looked like a scruffy schoolgirl when she first won the X Factor, is evidence that if you take a bit of time on yourself you can look a million times better. You have to do it step by step. Start with the eyebrows, then the hair, re-think your make-up and develop a skincare regime that works for you. If you have a clear base, no matter how much sleep you're getting or not-getting, it will make you look a lot more beautiful.

We know that Face B4 can help with the skin thing. It contains more anti-bacterial agents than any other face wash on the market, helping to clear up problem skin. Once you've improved your skin you'll want to work on the next improvement and before you know it you'll be a transformed person just like Leona. If she can do it why can't you?