Case Studies

Craig Richardson

One of the most positive things about FaceB4 is that there are only two products whereas many brands have four or five making it more confusing which to choose. When there are too many products its makes it complicated (i.e. when there’s a face wash, face scrub, face toner, face cleanser etc.) it’s hard to know which order to apply them in.

Previous skin care regime and skin history:
Craig has suffered breakouts from age 15 and tends to get breakouts when he uses high sugar content vitamin powders. Craig previously tried a variety of skin care brands to try and prevent and clear up his acne. In a bid to clear his skin Craig has previously tried Oxy, Clearasil, Tea Tree Oil from Body Shop, Freederm and Neutrogena, unfortunately none of these products gave him the clear skin he desired.

Face B4 Review:
Craig's initial thought of the face wash is that he likes the fact it’s un-perfumed – unlike other brands, as it’s un-fragranced it makes the product appear more clinical. Craig was impressed with the serum because it doesn’t leave his skin feeling greasy; he liked the ease of the pump and the fact he doesn’t have to hold the bottle making using the product very time effective.

After using the serum for four weeks Craig says the serum feels like a really expensive product and the foam feels like it totally cleans his skin. Craig got into a routine of using Face B4 twice a day, once at home and once at the gym.

Personal Details


25 Years


Stratford Upon Avon