Case Studies

Hadie Dewar

Hadie liked the simplicity of the regime, with just one ‘product’ doing two jobs – cleansing and toning, which made it much easier and quicker late at night. And she found the Serum to be great at soothing her skin when she had her breakout and was treating it with the wash, and now she doesn’t have spots and uses the Serum as a luxurious moisturiser

Previous skin care regime and skin history:
Hadie suffers from breakouts on a regular basis, predominantly around the chin and t-zone. She cleanses, tones and treats the spots, but wanted to find something more effective than what she has been using to prevent the breakouts, rather than having to treat and camouflage.

Face B4 Review:
Hadie followed the instructions and used the FaceB4 antibacterial cleansing foam and after cleansing serum twice a day during an independent consumer test, lasting four weeks. The results show above show that Hadie’s spots disappeared and have not returned.

Personal Details


24 Years