Loved the light foam cleanser that has really helped clean my skin without drying it out

FaceB4 Anti-Bacterial Face Wash*. I've only been using this for a couple of weeks but have really loved the light foam cleanser that has really helped clean my skin without drying it out. Since using this I've found my skin as become less blemish prone and any spots I do get tend to disappear a lot quicker! Like I said I've only been using it a short time but so far so good and I'll keep you posted with a full review in the future.

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Face B4 Wash & Serum

After years of only getting the occasional pimple I was shocked to find I’d suddenly let my jaw line become the home to a colony of spots, which I instantly decided had outstayed their welcome. I am probably being a little bit dramatic but because never suffered with bad skin I was quite shocked and didn’t even know what to do. Luckily I was sent Face B4’s Anti-bacterial Face Wash* and Serum* at just the right time…all I was thinking was ‘please work!’.

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Hannah Louise Review

What is most important, clearly, is how the products affect your skin clarity and quality. I don't have particularly problematic skin, so I don't have any dramatic before and after photos, however I did start using FaceB4 mid small break-out a few weeks ago and it seemed to clear that up and generally calm my skin down quickly. I have been really happy using it since then too! Although I wasn't blown away by the immediate effects of the face wash, that is the product which claims to fight the spot causing bacteria, and so if I was to repurchase, I would repurchase the products as a duo rather than just picking up the serum. I also particularly like that the duo replaces my entire old routine - the wash cleanses and tones, and the serum moisturises. In summary, whilst I hasten to state the obvious that skincare is very variable depending on your skin type, I would really recommend trying out FaceB4 if you're looking to change up your skincare, or generally calm down slightly stressed skin!

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